Altınordu Football Academy (ALFA)
"Real" Professional Football Player Development Program

In 2015, we established our Altınordu FK facilities on an 80,000 square meter land within the borders of Torbalı district, Izmir province, at the 70th km of the Izmir-Aydın highway. We named the facility after Turkey's greatest footballer and scorer, Metin Oktay, who grew up in Izmir; Altınordu Metin Oktay Campus. Within 3 years, we became a football academy organization recognized in Europe for our nurturing identity. We named the fields and buildings within the Metin Oktay Campus after our elders who contributed to Turkish Football.

* Altınordu Metin Oktay Campus > 80,000 m2.
8 football fields – 30,000 m2 natural grass + 26,000 m2 synthetic grass = Total 56,000 m2 football playing area
4 buildings – 4,500 m2 indoor area - 191 bed capacity
Other indoor areas – 4,500 m2

1. Serpil Hamdi Tüzün Field > Natural Grass. 75x115 m. Illuminated.
He is a pioneering football figure who has provided great services to Turkish Football at the young national team level.
To emphasize the importance of nurturing, he coined the term "Source System" instead of the term "Infrastructure".
We are trying to follow the path he paved.

2. Gündüz Tekin Onay Field > Natural Grass. 75x115 m. Illuminated.
Our Coach Gündüz has also provided great services to Turkish Football at the young national team level as a pioneering football figure.

3. Doğan Emültay Field > Imported Synthetic Grass. 75x115 m. Illuminated.
He is one of the most well-known names in nurturing in Izmir Football.

4. Şenes Erzik Field > Natural Hybrid Grass. 75x115 m.
He is the first federation president in Turkish Football to emphasize and invest in infrastructure.
He is a highly valued football figure who has held top positions within FIFA for many years.

5. Ahmet Güvener Field > Imported Synthetic Grass. 75x115 m.
Together with Hasan Doğan in Turkish Football, he is the founding director of the "Turkey Football Academy Leagues".

6. Tarık Gençay Field > Imported Synthetic Grass. 54x81 m. He is a veteran football figure who has devoted a lot of effort to the development of youth in Izmir Football.

7. Mustafa Balöz Goalkeeper Training Area > Natural Grass. 50x75 m. He is the first goalkeeper of Altınordu, founded on December 26, 1923. He is also one of the founding members.

8. Gode Cengiz Forward Shooting Training Area > Imported Synthetic Grass. 50x75 m.
He is one of the well-known goal-scoring players of Izmir Football. He played for Altınordu for one season. He is a footballer who has won the hearts of all Izmir residents with his humble demeanor.

9. Stands;
Stand No. 1: Reinforced concrete structure. Overlooks two fields. 928 seat capacity.
Stand No. 2: Lightweight steel construction. 125 seat capacity.
Stand No. 3: Heavy steel construction. Overlooks two fields. 704 seat capacity.
Stand No. 4: Lightweight steel construction. 168 seat capacity.

10. Süleyman Atik Futsal Hall;
980 square meter heavy steel construction structure. Synthetic Grass. Net 20x30 m
Our futsal hall, which bears the name of our elder whose saying "You only win if you have worked" we have adopted as our roadmap, became operational in 2021.

11. Ball Technique Development Hall;
600 square meter heavy steel construction building.
Ultra-modern ball technique development device with 8 ball exits and 64 cells, fully electronic system.

12. Athletic Skill Track;
Established on a 960 square meter open area. A track consisting of 12 types of equipment that enhance agility and flexibility.

13. Cryogenic Room;
A cold room system that accelerates the recovery process after training and matches.

14. Hypoxia (High Altitude Center);
A training system where oxygen is diluted under high altitude conditions to enhance endurance.

15. Artificial Intelligence Based Shooting Training Device;
A data-driven, comparable, and development-measuring shooting training system.

16. Süleyman Ferit Bey Building;
A two-story reinforced concrete building with a 1,000 square meter floor area. Small Age Athlete Rooms, Offices, Meeting Rooms, Dining Hall, Visual Education Room, and Hobby/Game Room.

17. Hasan Doğan Building;
A three-story reinforced concrete building with a 750 square meter floor area. Large Age Athlete Rooms, Dining Hall, Visual Education Room, and Hobby/Game Room.

18. Athlete Body Health Center and Fitness Hall;
A two-story heavy steel construction structure with a 270 square meter floor area, fitness equipment, and other health equipment.

19. Communication Sphere and Altınordu Museum;
A two-story steel building with a 150 square meter floor area.

20. A Team Fitness Hall;
A 350 square meter floor area heavy steel construction structure and fitness equipment.

21. Sample Livestock Shed;
A 450 square meter lightweight steel structure. Cows, calves, sheep, goats, chickens, ducks.. We get 80 liters of milk per day. We make our own yogurt and pudding.
Our athletes spend 2 hours a week taking care of the animals, learning about life.

22. Organic Farming Area;
500 square meters of greenhouse and 1,500 square meters of open farming area. We grow all vegetables. Our athletes spend 2 hours a week dealing with soil and farming, learning about life.

At Torbalı Metin Oktay Campus, the A Team and Academy are located together.
At Altınordu Football Academy-ALFA, we have 90~100 athletes aged 14 to 19 staying full-time.
Our U14 and younger teams consist of naturally talented children selected from our Yeşilyurt Central Football School and over 200 Football Schools spread across Turkey.
At the same time, the “Children’s Player Scouting Department” conducts search and scouting activities nationwide and brings players to trials.
At our Selçuk İsmet Orhunbilge facilities, we constantly organize “Children’s Football Festivals” and select naturally talented ones among those aged 13 and under from football schools.

The ALFA academy is a football training institution established to nurture “real” professional football players from the children of this land.
The main principle of the ALFA academy is “Good Individual, Good Citizen, Good Footballer”.
Good Individual > A person at peace with themselves.
Good Citizen > A person at peace with society.
Good Footballer > A person who is aware that football is a “profession”
and lives according to the requirements of this profession.

It is crucial to combine these three criteria to play in the top leagues in Turkey and Europe. ***

ALFA, like vocational schools, has an “Annual Education Curriculum”.

1. Football Training: 70%

1.1 On-Field Training: 50%
1.1.1 Team Training:
Team training is conducted 5 days a week. Training sessions are recorded on camera.

1.1.2 Special Remedial Training:
Our players do individual remedial training 2 days a week and group remedial training 1 day a week.

1.1.3 Fitness:
Maintaining a professional athlete’s athletic structure at the highest level is a personal professional duty.
We teach our academy athletes to perform conscious exercises independently in the fitness hall and to adopt this as a professional lifestyle.

1.2 Off-Field Training: 20%
1.2.1 Team Match Analyses:
Two days after the matches, team match analyses are done. Players’ opinions are taken, and their development in game vision is monitored.

1.2.2 Individual Match Analyses:
Mistakes and risks taken by players during matches are shared with them. Sometimes the same position is watched repeatedly to convince the player.

1.2.3 World Football History:
World Cups, world stars, their lives, successes... Knowing the history of the profession chosen by our young academy players, raising awareness, and finding inspiration.

2. Non-Football Training: 20%

2.1 Athlete Health and Nutrition:
Football is a sport based on physical strength and struggle. Our players’ ability to compete until the last minute of the match is only possible through very good nutrition. For this purpose, they need to eat 5 meals a day, including 3 main meals and 2 snacks, and consume between 3,000 and 5,000 calories daily, depending on their age. We place great importance on our athletes taking a one-hour nap or at least having active rest during noon hours.

2.2 Psycho-Social Development, Communication, and Social Media:
Football is the world’s most popular team sport. Therefore, social relationships are very important. Relationships with teammates, coaches, support staff, service personnel, fans, social media, and even opponents... In all professional sports, mental health is as important as physical health. Both should develop equally in an athlete’s growth. One should not lag behind the other. Coping with stress and performing well under pressure are not tasks everyone can handle. The way to deal with these issues is to be in a personally and socially peaceful environment and to receive individual and team training on this subject.

2.3 English:
We aim for our academy players to play in the top 5 leagues of Europe. Knowing English is essential for this.

2.4 Chess:
All academy players must learn chess. It is the best game for teaching thinking and multi-thinking.

2.5 Reading Books:
Reading books is the way to understand life and other lives. It helps one learn all human emotions and raise awareness.

3. Contributions to Settled Life: 10%

3.1 Organic Farming Area:
We grow all vegetables in our greenhouse and open farming area. Our athletes help once a month for 2 hours, learning about life.

3.2 Sample Livestock Shed:
Cows, calves, sheep, goats, chickens, pheasants, ducks... We get 80 liters of milk a day. We make our own yogurt and pudding... Our athletes help once a month for 2 hours, learning about life.

3.3 Dining Hall:
Our athletes work in the dining hall for 2 hours once a month. They learn to cook... The most beneficial hobby in the world.

3.4 Environment and Landscape Maintenance:
Our athletes work 2 hours a month for environmental cleanliness. The best way to instill the awareness of a “Clean Environment” is to involve them in the process.


First Level Football Development Period > Consists of 3 teams > Lasts 3 years.

1.1 U11 > The squad consists of at least 20 athletes.
1.2 U12 > The squad consists of at least 20 athletes.

1.3 U13 > The squad consists of at least 20 athletes.


Intermediate Level Football Development Period > Consists of 3 teams > Lasts 3 years.

2.1 U14 > The squad consists of at least 20 athletes.
2.2 U15 > The squad consists of at least 20 athletes.
2.3 U16 > The squad consists of at least 20 athletes.


Advanced Level Football Performance Period > Consists of 2 teams > Lasts 4 years.

3.1 U17 > The squad consists of at least 20 athletes.
3.2 U18 > The squad consists of at least 10 athletes.
3.3 U19 > The squad consists of at least 10 athletes.

The ALFA athlete squad consists of our U14, U15, U16/17, and U18/19 teams. Approximately 90 athletes receive full-time education.

The ALFA Altınordu Football Academy staff consists of 60 people, distributed as follows;

1. Administrative Staff: 12 people

1.1 Administrative Directorate: 3 people
1.2 Facility Management: 2 people
1.3 Accounting: 2 people
1.4 Purchasing: 1 person
1.5 Information Technology: 2 people
1.6 Media and Communication: 2 people

2. Technical Staff: 18 people

2.1 Technical Director: 1 person
2.2 Team Technical Supervisors: 4 people
2.3 Team Coaches: 4 people
2.4 Goalkeeping Department: 3 people
2.5 Athletic Performance: 3 people
2.6 Analysis Department: 2 people
2.7 Fitness Coach: 1 person

3. Support Staff: 6 people

3.1 Athlete Health Department: 3 people
3.2 Psychological Performance Department: 2 people
3.3 Dietitian: 1 person

4. Service Staff: 24 people

4.1 Field Maintenance Team: 5 people
4.2 Security: 3 people
4.3 Service Drivers: 3 people
4.4 Dining Hall: 6 people
4.5 Laundry: 1 person
4.6 Cleaners: 3 people
4.7 Environment/Agriculture/Livestock Workers: 3 people