Altinordu Football Academy (ALFA)
"Real" Professional Football Player Development Program
We built Altinordu Football Academy Facilities from scratch on an 80,000 square meter land that we purchased in 2015. We named the facility after Metin Oktay, the greatest football player and goalscorer ever emerged from Izmir, Turkey. Within three years, we established a football academy facility that gained recognition across Europe. We named the fields and buildings within Metin Oktay Campus after the great individuals who have contributed to Turkish Football.

1. Gündüz Tekin Onay Natural Grass Field – Net 68x105 m > Coach Gündüz has made significant contributions to Turkish Football in the Youth National Teams.
2. Serpil Hamdi Tüzün Natural Grass Field – Net 68x105 m > Coach Serpil Hamdi, like-wise, has made great contributions to Turkish Football in the Youth National Teams. To emphasize the importance of nurturing, he coined the term "Self-Sourced System" instead of the term "Youth Academy." We strive to follow the path he has paved.
3. Doğan Emültay Artificial Turf Field – Net 68x105 m > Coach Doğan is one of the most renowned names in Izmir football when it comes to "nurturing."
4. Şenez Erzik Hybrid Turf Field – Net 68x105 m > He is the first federation president in Turkish Football who prioritized and invested in youth development. He served for many years in top positions within FIFA, making him an esteemed figure in football.
5. Ahmet Güvener Artificial Turf Field – Net 60x90 m > Alongside Hasan Doğan, he is the founding director of the "Turkish Football Academy Leagues."
6. Tarık Gençay Artificial Turf Field – Net 50x75 m > He is a seasoned football figure who has dedicated himself to nurturing young talent in Izmir football.
7. Mustafa Balöz Special Goalkeeper Training Area – Net 50x75 m > He is the first goalkeeper of Altinordu, founded on December 26, 1923. He is also one of the founding members of the club.
8. Gode Cengiz Special Forward Training Area – Net 50x75 m > He is a well-known striker in Izmir football. He played one season for Altinordu and has won the hearts of all Izmir locals with his modest and fatherly demeanor.
9. Süleyman Atik Futsal Hall – Net 20x50 m > Our futsal hall, named after our esteemed figure who taught us the principle "You Only Win If You Work," is planned to be ready at the start of the 2021/22 season.
10. Ball Technique-2 Development Room – An ultra-modern ball technique development device with 8 ball outlets and 64 electronic cells.
11. Athletic Skill Course – 15 different tools to enhance agility and flexibility.
12. Cryogenic Room – Our system that accelerates the recovery process after training and matches.
13. Hypoxia (High Altitude Center) – Our training system that simulates diluted oxygen under high altitude conditions.
14. Artificial Intelligence-Based Shooting Training Device – 12. Ball Technique-1 Equipment, Sand Field, Foot Volleyball Area, Mini Basketball Area.
15. Süleyman Ferit Bey Building - Offices, Cafeteria, Visual Education Room, Hobby/Game Room, and Small Athlete Rooms.
16. Hasan Doğan Building – Senior Athlete Rooms, Cafeteria, Visual Education Room, and Hobby/Game Room.
17. Athlete Physical Health Center and Fitness Gym – 2-story Heavy Steel Construction Building and fitness equipment, etc.
18. Model Livestock Barn – We have cows, calves, sheep, goats, chickens, ducks, and a pony that joined us last season. We produce 80 liters of milk per day and make our own yogurt and desserts. Our athletes spend 2 hours a week helping out, learning about life.
19. Organic Farming Area – We have a 500 square meter greenhouse and a 1,500 square meter open farming area. We grow all kinds of vegetables. Our athletes spend 2 hours a week helping out, learning about life.

Altinordu Football Academy (ALFA) is located at our Torbalı Metin Oktay Campus. The youngest age group at ALFA is the U12 athletes. Our U12 team is composed of naturally talented 12-year-old children selected from our Yeşilyurt Central Football School and over 200 Football Schools spread across Turkey. Additionally, our "Child Player Observation Department" conducts search and scouting activities nationwide and brings players to the selection process.

ALFA, located at the Metin Oktay Campus, is a football education institution established to train "real" professional football players from the children of this land, tightly adhering to our club's main slogan of "Good Individual, Good Citizen, Good Football Player." ALFA follows an "Annual Education Curriculum" just like vocational schools.

1. Football Trainings

1.1 On-Field Trainings
1.1.1 Team Practices
1.1.2 Individual Remedial Workouts
1.1.3 Fitness Training

1.2 Off-Field Trainings
1.2.1 Team Match Analysis
1.2.2 Individual Match Analysis
1.2.3 World Football History

2. Non-Football Trainings
2.1 Nutrition
2.2 Physical Health
2.3 Psycho-Social Development
2.4 English Language
2.5 Chess
2.6 Communication and Social Media
2.7 Reading Books
2.8 Hobby Development > Planning phase...

3. Contribution to Settled Life Activities
3.1 Organic Farming Area
3.2 Model Livestock Barn
3.3 Cafeteria
3.4 Environmental Landscape Maintenance

4. Afternoon Nap

Football is a physically demanding sport. We attach great importance to our athletes taking a one-hour nap during the afternoon to ensure at least active rest. The aim is to enable them to perform their afternoon activities in a more alert manner.

Altinordu Football Academy (ALFA) manages the curriculum for training "real" professional football players in three different stages.


Intermediate Level Football Development Period > Consists of 2 teams. > Lasts for 2 years.

1.1 U12 > Squad consists of 20 players.
1.2 U13 > Squad consists of 20 players.


Advanced Level Football Development Period > Consists of 2 teams. > Lasts for 2 years.

2.1 U14 > Squad consists of 20 players.
2.2 U15 > Squad consists of 20 players.


Advanced Level Football Performance Period > Consists of 2 teams. > Lasts for 4 years.

3.1 U16/17 > Squad consists of 20 players.
3.2 U18/19 > Squad consists of 20 players.
In total, ALFA trains and accommodates 120 athletes.

ALFA Altinordu Football Academy staff consists of 60 people, distributed as follows:

1. Administrative Staff

1.1 Administrative Directorate
1.2 Facility Management
1.3 Accounting
1.4 Procurement
1.5 Information Technology
1.6 Media and Communications

2. Technical Staff

2.1 Technical Directorate
2.2 Team Technical Coordinators
2.3 Team Coaches
2.4 Goalkeeping Department
2.5 Athletic Performance and Analysis Department

3. Support Staff

3.1 Physical Health Department
3.2 Psychological Performance Department
3.3 Dietitian

4. Service Staff

4.1 Field Maintenance Team
4.2 Security
4.3 Drivers
4.4 Cafeteria
4.5 Laundry Room
4.6 Cleaners
4.7 Environmental/Agricultural/Livestock Affairs

ALFA player roster consists of U12, U13, U14, U15, U16/17, and U18/19 teams. A total of 120 players receive residential training.